My copyediting service will help make your final manuscript shine. I focus on fixing all those small, pesky errors that reviewers are sure to notice (and comment on), such as commas, spelling, grammar, and punctuation, so you can focus on telling your story. In addition, I check for continuity, consistency, and phrasing. I also use my science background and forensic science expertise to ensure your book is accurate.

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Beta Reading

Are you frustrated that your beta readers aren’t getting back to you? Or maybe they’re not giving you meaningful feedback? My professional beta reading service provides you with helpful, constructive feedback by a specific date. In addition to answering any specific questions you have and giving you my thoughts on your book, I provide basic fact checking and my technical expertise in forensic science. You will also enjoy a 10% discount on my copyediting services.

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Academic Editing

Do you need help with the English in your forensic science research article from a native English speaker? As a professional editor with an advanced degree and work experience in the forensic sciences, I focus on smoothing out the language in your paper and ensuring your study results are understood by peer reviewers and journal editors.

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Forensic Consulting

Are you using forensic science in your book and need some help understanding how it all works? I use my experience as a forensic scientist and a science teacher to help you understand technical information and let you know if something is possible. I can also advise you on where it’s okay to suspend reality. You can choose to have me look over your book, or we can chat via phone or a video call. Either way, you will get helpful, accurate information so you can write a better book.

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