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Need Help With Your English?

Are you an academic researcher in the forensic sciences who needs help from a native English speaker for your research article? Do you need help with your English from someone who is an expert in forensic science?

I use my background in forensic science (specializing in DNA analysis), including my advanced degree and 7 years of forensic science work experience and my background in academic editing, to help you get your paper ready to submit to the journal of your choice.

I have a certificate in teaching English as a second language (TESL) and taught science to international students for 3 years in Asia and the Pacific Islands. I watched my students struggle with the English in their science classes. As their teacher, I really enjoyed helping them improve their writing. I’d like to do the same for you.

I am here to help you clarify the results of your research study and improve the English in your paper so you can get your message and results across to peer reviewers and journal editors. You will work directly with me, not a large company where you can’t talk directly to your editor. I’ve edited over 2,000 scientific journal articles, so you can be sure I have the academic editing experience you need.

What You Get

  • Thorough check of your manuscript for the following items:
    • Spelling
    • Punctuation
    • Grammar
    • Sentence structure
    • Word choice
    • Field-specific terminology
    • Flow and readability
    • Wordiness
    • Consistency
    • Clarity
    • Logic
    • Minor formatting issues (italics, spacing, etc.)

The above check does not include the reference list or formatting for a specific journal. A check of the reference list or journal formatting will incur an additional charge. See below for other additional services and pricing.

All edits will be performed in Microsoft Word using Track Changes.

I can edit in US/UK English.


  • Editorial letter giving you an overview of the edits that I made to your manuscript.
  • Editing certificate (upon request)

How It Works


  • Go to my Contact page and send me an email. Be sure to include the following information:
    • Title of your study
    • Length of paper (how many words)
    • Desired turnaround time
    • Attached copy of manuscript (I keep all client information and projects confidential. I ask for your paper right away to let you know if I am a good fit for your paper. I will delete the file if you decide not use me as your editor.)
  • I will check my calendar and let you know when I have room for your paper in my schedule. I do not accept rush projects at this time. Most journal article edits have a turnaround time of approximately 7 business days.
  • If you are a new client, I provide a 250-word sample edit from a portion of your paper (usually the Discussion section).
  • We both sign a short agreement detailing what kinds of edits I will make to your manuscript.
  • If you like my sample edit and we agree to move forward, I will send an invoice for the total amount of the paper. After this invoice is paid, I will officially add your project to my calendar.
  • I then edit your paper and prepare your letter and optional editing certificate.
  • I send you an email with your completed documents.


Please note: These prices are for scientific journal articles. If you have a book-length project, slide deck, web copy, or other editing project in the forensic sciences, please contact me for an official quote. All prices are in US dollars.

$0.10 per word, with a minimum charge of $75

Example: 3600 words x $0.10 per word = $360

Additional services:

Reference lists: $5 per reference

Formatting for a specific journal: $75

Re-edits incur an additional charge if you make changes to your paper. Please contact me for pricing.

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