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The Best Body Fluids for Forensic DNA Results

The Best Body Fluids for Forensic DNA Results

When you’re writing your crime fiction book and you’re using forensic DNA evidence as part of your homicide investigation (or other criminal act), it would be helpful to know what types of samples...

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What Do Crime Scene Investigators Wear?

What Do Crime Scene Investigators Wear?

You’re watching CSI (or another crime drama). The actors are going about their business, processing crime scenes, collecting evidence, and working in the lab. They’re all wearing the perfect outfit:...

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15 Ways CSI Got It Wrong

15 Ways CSI Got It Wrong

CSI, NCIS, Bones, Monk, Law and Order, Criminal Minds. All great TV shows full of drama and intrigue. But how accurate are they? I thought back on my 7 years as a forensic scientist in the DNA...

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“I’m so grateful to have found Melissa to assist in copyediting for my first WordPress blog. She pointed out basic errors but also suggested informative changes that I wouldn’t have thought of myself. For a newer writer on the scene, I really appreciated her expertise and candid feedback that helped me think outside the box! She is also very professional, down to earth and quick with turnaround. But wait, there’s more! Melissa is also patient and shows true dedication to help writers hone in on their craft. I loved this! I absolutely recommend Melissa for any copyediting needs and plan on using her for my future blog content!”

Kristin Perdue, blogger

Hi! I’m Melissa Kreikemeier.

  • One of my favorite things about my 7-year career as a forensic DNA analyst was teaching attorneys, law enforcement, juries, nurses, and students how forensic science worked. This love of teaching and my enthusiasm for science led me to move overseas to teach international students in China and the Republic of the Marshall Islands for 3 years.
  • After repatriating to Hawaii in 2017, I began my editing career specializing in scientific documents. Two of my passions are books and science. I am very excited to help you learn about forensics so you can write your books!

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